Why feed raw?

healthier skin and shiny coat

clean, white teeth

fresh breath

healthy digestive system

stronger immune system

decreased allergies

healthy body weight and muscle mass

no doggy odor

smaller, less smelly poop

There is a reason dogs chase cars.

Unleash convenience.

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Variety is an essential component of the raw feeding approach. Guard against developing sensitivities, while at the same time ensuring the body doesn’t become immune to the benefits of any one meat. Collectively, red meats and white meats.


All of our of raw dinners contain fruits and vegetables - the majority of which have been juiced for optimal absorption, ensuring they are bioavailable so that dogs can truly benefit from the vitamins and minerals they contain.


Some dogs may tolerate only pure meat, and its all that a cat requires. If you are just starting on raw, introduce your dog to pure meats first. You can try dinner options after that once you have confirmed that your dog does well on a certain protein.


No refrigerator? No problem. Raw food is the easiest food for your pet to digest, but in times when you are travelling, or for other reasons, cannot feed raw, here are some great alternatives that are second best to a raw selection.

we have a bone to pick with you. literally!

And fortunately, we have a selection to choose from. Meal Replacement bones are not only nutritious, but they contribute to healthy teeth and gums. Plus they are more satisfying to eat than just inhaling from the bowl.

your pets are in for a treat.

Who doesn’t love a cookie? Over 90% of dogs are motivated by food, so regardless if it’s for training or to reward, why not aspire to the same quality of treats as the raw food you’re feeding them.