Wilder Harrier Cricket Soft Biscuits Shiitake Turmeric 130g | .29lb

Wilder Harrier Cricket Soft Biscuits Shiitake Turmeric 130g | .29lb


Wilder Harrier Cricket Soft Biscuits Shiitake Turmeric 130g | .29lb

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Country of Origin: Canada

Healthy training rewards for dogs made with innovative & sustainable proteins.  Made with cricket flour, these rewards are an excellent source of healthy and environmentally-friendly protein.

Grain-free, soy-free - the perfect reward for a perfect performance.

Made in Canada

Omega-3 for improved joint mobility

Hypoallergenic and easily digestible

Proteins for strength




Cricket flour - simply whole crickets dried-up and ground into a fine powder - is a superfood, full of important nutrients like Omega-3, essential amino acids, vitamin B-12, iron, calcium and fibre. It is also very high in protein - actually twice as much as beef! - and low in fat and calories, for a healthy diet. Amongst all the other nutrients, Omega-3 fatty acids are hard to find in most animal protein sources in the right ratio with Omega-6 (1 to 3 in crickets, vs. 1 to 20 in beef) and can contribute to your pet’s health by improving his skin and fur, as well as by preventing certain heart problems and arthritis.

Raising crickets requires about 12 times less resources than the production of beef, mostly in terms of water and feed. Specifically, each pound of beef that we eat needed more than 9,000 liters to produce, whereas the same amount of crickets needs only about 4 liters of water - more than 2,000 times less! They also require much less space, which our planet is running out of, and emit considerably less greenhouse gas emissions - 100x less than beef!

Since crickets have most likely not been a part of your pet's diet yet, they are an ideal hypoallergenic protein alternative for dog treats


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