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  • Charges are calculated before taxes: $10 / delivery in Toronto, and $15 / delivery in the GTA
  • All orders are subject to verification
  • Delivery to Toronto, ON and the Greater Toronto Area only
  • Cut-off for deliveries is 1pm the prior business day
  • Our delivery window is between 1-5 pm for Toronto, and 5-8pm for the GTA
  • If you are not going to be home, we can leave the food in a place you designate, including in a cooler you leave for us, with a neighbor, or with a concierge as you direct

Delivery Payment

  • We appreciate payment prior to delivery
  • Payment options are PayPal, credit card, e-transfer or in-store

On Demand Delivery

  • Left it too late and can't wait until our next scheduled delivery day? We have partnered with "Foodora" for "On Demand" orders and offer many of our products thru their site. Please visit . Alternatively, you can send Uber or a cab to pick up products on your behalf. Just drop us a note when you place your order that you will be doing so

Delivery Restrictions

  • Unfortunately, due to product content, we currently do not deliver beyond our designated Toronto/GTA delivery area.



Deliveries occur Wednesday afternoons / early evening. If there is a chance you will not be home to receive the delivery, you can leave us a cooler to place the food in, we can leave it with a neighbor or a concierge at your direction.


Orders should be received by noon, the day prior to delivery.


Delivery in Toronto is $10. Delivery to the extended GTA is $15.


Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Is there a delivery fee?

To keep prices as low as possible, we decided not to hide the delivery fee in products bought instore. We charge $10 for Toronto delivery, and $15 for delivery in the GTA. (Please do a search by postal code if you are in the GTA to ensure we offer delivery to your area!)

What time will you deliver?

Between 1-5pm for Toronto and between 5-8 pm for GTA. Your time just depends on where you fall in our driver's route.

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

No problem! Most of our customers aren’t home for delivery. We deliver your order to your doorstep or your preferred location. Do leave us a cooler for those hot days, or days when you won’t be home at a reasonable time to put food away. We can also leave food with a neighbour, delivery to your place of work, or with a concierge. Just let us know when you place your order of any special instructions.

How can I change my address if I’ve moved?

NP! Go to the My Account section and click on “Address Book” (or email/ call and we can help out).

Can I put my subscription delivery on hold?

Of course! You can skip anywhere from 1-12 weeks by going to the My Account section and clicking “Skip a Week”. If you want to put your account on hold longer, email or call and we’ll help you out.

Do you deliver to condos and apartments?

Absolutely. We actually have several options when it comes to delivering to apartment/condo buildings, so hopefully we can find a strategy that works for you!

  • If you are able to remotely buzz the driver in, that’s obviously the easiest solution if you’re not home at the time of delivery (and then leave your bin in front of your apartment door).
  • Many customers are able to provide us with an extra key to the building, so we can let ourselves in and then leave your order in front of your apartment door.
  • If you have a concierge or building security, or a willing landlord or neighbour on the premise, we can either leave the order with them or contact them to let us in.
  • We can leave the order outside (or in a lobby or mailroom if there is such an accessible place). We rarely have problems (sometimes pick a discrete location like a bush or bench), we guarantee our deliveries 100%, so if it were stolen we would fully credit you and do our best to redeliver.
  • If none of the above options work for you just give us a call or email and we’ll do our best to problem solve. We can be flexible!

Just leave us a note upon order if there are any special instructions.