Starwest Organic Nettle Leaf Powder .25lb | 114g

Starwest Organic Nettle Leaf Powder .25lb | 114g


Starwest Organic Nettle Leaf Powder .25lb | 114g

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Key Ingredient:
Constitution: Powder
Ingredients: 100% Organic Nettle Leaf Powder
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 56.00 lb / CA$ 123.46 kg
Weight: .25 lb
Chinese Medicine:
Unit Size: .25 lb
Format: Powder
Food Grade: Best
Country of Origin: Italy/Croatia

Nettles are a blood tonic that support the kidney, bladder, spleen, and liver.  They help dispel toxins and have diuretic properties.  They provide relief for allergy symptoms, enrich the blood and thicken the hair.  They also help reduce blood sugar levels.  Its primary medicinal values are: nutritive, antihistamine, astringent, tonic, and blood cleansing.  Its strongest affinities are: genitourinary tract, blood, skin and eyes.

Nettle can be directly fed, or made into a tea and added to food (about 1 tsp per 50 lbs).

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