K9 Choice Just Chicken 9.1kg/20lb

K9 Choice Just Chicken 9.1kg/20lb


K9 Choice Just Chicken 9.1kg/20lb

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Key Ingredient: Chicken
Constitution: Frozen
Ingredients: Whole skinless cage-free chicken, triple-ground with bone & organ meat
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 3.93 lb / CA$ 8.65 kg
Weight: 20 lb
Chinese Medicine: Warming
Unit Size: .5 lb
Format: Patties
Food Grade: Better
Country of Origin: Canada

Our Meat and Bone Only products are made from our own top-quality naturally-raised free-range, hormone-free, chemical-free and steroid-free meat sources. For the consumer that prefers to supplement on their own, these products are a perfect meat source.

9.1 Kg (20 lb).#2008

Portioned: 1⁄2 lb. patties

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