Herba Organica Organic Burdock Root .177 lb | 50g

Herba Organica Organic Burdock Root .177 lb | 50g


Herba Organica Organic Burdock Root .177 lb | 50g

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Key Ingredient:
Constitution: Powder
Ingredients: 100% Organic Dried Grated Burdock Root
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 155.37 lb / CA$ 342.53 kg
Weight: .177 lb
Chinese Medicine:
Unit Size: .177 lb
Format: Powder
Food Grade: Best
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

If you or your dog have ever collected burrs on your clothes or fur during a walk, chances are that they were burdock fruits.  When it comes to medicinal benefitthough, it is the root not the fruit that is of the utmost nutrtional value.  

Burdock is one of the best alterative herbs, restoring the body to normal health by cleansing and purifying blood, supporting digestion and the elimination of toxins. It is used as an anti-carcinogen, a treatment for arthritis and liver detoxification, and for general kidney support.  Burdock has more protein, calcium and phosphorus than carrots and is an excellent source of potassium.  Burdock has an ancient and respcted reputation for blood cleansing, liver, diuretic and nutritive.  Its strongest affinities are liver and skin.  The value of this herb in the long-term care of companion animals cannot be overstated.  Dried Burdock can be decocted (extracted by boiling) and spread over food.  Be liberal with the quantity - it is a healthy food but most animals don't like eating it without having done this...

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