Green & Wild's Buffalo Horn Chew (Medium)

Green & Wild's Buffalo Horn Chew (Medium)


Green & Wild's Buffalo Horn Chew (Medium)

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Key Ingredient:
Ingredients: 100% Buffalo Horn
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ / CA$
Weight: lb
Chinese Medicine:
Unit Size:
Food Grade: Best
Country of Origin: India

Our premium Buffalo Horn Chews are simply hand graded , washed and sanded to produce a lovingly prepared 100% natural dog chew.

They are free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives, just pure and natural!

Healthy, unprocessed, nutritious, low odour chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes, that last for ages.

Finest quality…........not all Buffalo Horn Chews are the same!

Why it's sooo good...

Durable & low odour

Gluten free

100% natural buffalo horn

No additives

Low in fat

High in protein

High in Calcium and phosphorus

Good for healthy, strong bones and muscle

Great for heavy chewers

Satisfies the natural urge to chew

Good for dental health

Analytical information:

Fibre 79.95%; ash 0.6%; fat 0.27%;protein 2.07%; phosphorus 0.01%; sodium; magnesium; potassium; iron; calcium 

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