Fresh From the Farm Quail Eggs 24

Fresh From the Farm Quail Eggs 24


Fresh From the Farm Quail Eggs 24

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Key Ingredient:
Constitution: Frozen
Ingredients: 100% Quail Eggs
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 6.35 lb / CA$ 14.00 kg
Weight: lb
Chinese Medicine:
Unit Size:
Format: Bits
Food Grade: Best
Country of Origin: Canada

These eggs are great for all dogs and cats but especially well suited for small dogs and cats as they are small eggs.

Fresh From the Farm is an economically and ecologically "Sustainable Alternative" to the contemporary processes of mass food production and consumption.

We support small family farmers in Ontario by connecting them to an urban market that gives them a fair price for their work. Our products are therefore “fair trade” — and local fair trade at that.

We bypass the huge factory food production system reducing environmental damage to both land and air.

By connecting rural food producers and urban consumers we close the gap between food production and consumption. This allows us to “tell the story behind our food.” If you would like to know we can tell you who grew your food, where they grew it, and how.

Fresh From the Farm is an advocate of the "Food Justice Movement" and  practices "Fair Trade" as an alternative approach to conventional international trade. Fair Trade promotes social equity, economic security and sound environmental practices. 

This product is farmed to a high standard.

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