Whole Quail 1lb | 454g

Whole Quail 1lb | 454g

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CA $ 11.75/lb

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Key Ingredient: Quail
Constitution: Frozen
Ingredients: Whole Quail Pieces
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 11.75 lb / CA$ 25.90 kg
Weight: 1 lb
Chinese Medicine: Not Rated
Unit Size: lb
Format: Bone
Food Grade: Better
Country of Origin: Canada

Looking for a novel protein source for your dog or cat? Quail is an excellent choice for pets with allergies or food intolerances to chicken or beef. Each quail is approximately 3 - 4 oz. a piece making it a perfect meal for your small dog or cat. Add to your pet's dish as part of a rotational protein for a balanced raw diet. Quail is high in iron and important essential nutrient for healthy bones and muscles. A great choice for growing puppies and active dogs & cats. 2 lb (10 - 12 pieces) Free range whole quail sourced from Canadian farms. Low in Fat Good for puppies to adult dogs Excellent Dental Benefit Raw Meaty Bones can make up 30% of entire diet.

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