Silver Shield Colloidal Silver 12ppm 250ml | 8oz

Silver Shield Colloidal Silver 12ppm 250ml | 8oz

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CA $ 1.66/oz

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Key Ingredient:
Constitution: Liquid
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Colloidal Silver - 12 ppm
Price Per oz/ml: CA$ 1.66 oz / CA$ 0.06 ml
Volume: 250
Chinese Medicine: Not Rated
Unit Size: ml
Format: Liquid
Food Grade: Good
Country of Origin: Canada

Colloidal silver, as opposed to just plain silver, means that submicroscopic silver particles are suspended in a liquid base. Because the silver particles are so tiny, they are thought to penetrate cells and kill pathogens.Colloidal silver touted as treating and preventing an assortment of conditions, and promotes healing in both humans and animals due to it’s liquid antibiotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

Internal: Use daily to treat internal infections, urinary tract infections or skin infections. Continue treatment for a minimum of 10 days or at least 2 days post healing.


Why is Thrive Colloidal Silver sold in plastic containers? Isn't glass the better packaging option?

A true silver colloid, which consists of silver particles and not silver ions, does not require glass bottles and are typically shipped and stored in PET plastic. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester. PET is commonly used to package soft drinks, water, and fruit juice. PET plastic bottles are the single most prevalent beverage bottle produced in the world today. High quality products do not require a glass bottle to remain stable.

Many products which are advertised as being colloidal silver are actually ionic silver solutions which must be stored in glass. Ionic silver will potentially interact with plastic containers and cause the solution to deteriorate over time. It is generally the lower quality products that require a glass bottle to remain stable.

Topical: Apply topically using spray nozzle up to 3x daily to treat hot spots or bacterial skin infections.

Dosage: 5 ml daily for pets up to 50 lbs., 10 ml daily for pets over 50 lbs.

Store out of sunlight. No refrigeration required.

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