Big Country Pure Rabbit 4lb | 1.8kg

Big Country Pure Rabbit 4lb | 1.8kg


Big Country Pure Rabbit 4lb | 1.8kg

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CA $ 10.31/lb

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Key Ingredient: Rabbit
Constitution: Frozen
Ingredients: Rabbit Meat, Ground Rabbit Bone, Rabbit Organ Meat (<5%)
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 10.31 lb / CA$ 22.74 kg
Weight: 4 lb
Chinese Medicine: Cooling
Unit Size: 1 lb
Format: Blocks
Food Grade: Better
Country of Origin: Canada

Rabbit is the go-to choice for allergy sufferers. Start seeing allergy symptoms disappear, and watch your dog or cat love their food again! Cats and dogs love the taste of meaty rabbit.  Rabbit is low in naturally occurring taurine (less than 500mg per 100grams of food) so supplementation with taurine is recommended, or feed in rotation with other taurine rich proteins such as beef, duck and salmon.

· Cage Free Rabbits

· Good for puppies to adult dogs

· Supplement with source of Omega 3

· Supplement with kelp or other mineral boost

· Supplement with taurine (cats only)

· Perfect Choice for Allergy Sufferers

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