Big Country Pure Pork 4lb | 1.8kg

Big Country Pure Pork 4lb | 1.8kg


Big Country Pure Pork 4lb | 1.8kg

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CA $ 4.94/lb

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Key Ingredient: Pork
Constitution: Frozen
Ingredients: Pork Meat, Ground Pork Bone, Pork Heart, Pork Liver, Pork Spleen, Pork Kidney
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 4.94 lb / CA$ 10.89 kg
Weight: 4 lb
Chinese Medicine: Neutral
Unit Size: 1 lb
Format: Blocks
Food Grade: Good
Country of Origin: Canada

Big Country Raw Pork Dinner is a great choice for pet owners looking for alternative proteins for dogs with allergies. Considered hypoallergenic pork is a highly recommended protein to try by vets and nutritionals. Ontario Pork is exceptionally high quality and raised on 100% vegetarian diet this makes it a safe and nutritious meat protein for dogs and cats. Pork is a proven choice for working dogs and athletes as pork protein builds and repair muscle faster than any other protein. Pork is also a rich source of zinc, vitamin b12, iron and selenium.

· Good for puppies to adult dogs

· Excellent choice for dogs with allergies

· Supplement with source of Omega 3

· Supplement with kelp or other mineral boost

Meal Planning Information

Best offered in rotation with 2 alternate proteins (Ideally Beef, Chicken, or Turkey)

Recommended for all life stages


Pork is considered a neutral/cold protein choice and is highly recommended for dogs with allergies to Beef or Lamb

Pork contains a higher % of fat and therefore is not suited for dogs on a low fat diet

*Supplement with BCR Herring Oil or other suited Omega 3 Fatty Acid for skin and coat health

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