Barkside Bistro Bugs + Neem Protect Powder: 4 oz / .25 lbs

Barkside Bistro Bugs + Neem Protect Powder: 4 oz / .25 lbs


Barkside Bistro Bugs + Neem Protect Powder: 4 oz / .25 lbs

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Key Ingredient:
Constitution: Powder
Ingredients: Organic Neem Powder, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, Organic Yarrow
Price Per lb/kg: CA$ 60.00 lb / CA$ 132.28 kg
Weight: .25 lb
Chinese Medicine:
Unit Size: .25 lb
Format: Powder
Food Grade:
Country of Origin: Various

We call this Bugs + because we carefully selected products for Bugs + from Mother Nature that are not only extremely UNattractive to bugs such as fleas, ticks and mosiquitos, but they also promote skin and hair health (amongst other things).   The plants  best known to repel bugs for themselves are the best plants to use, naturally!  Don’t use too much though – even though this is a natural and gentle powder we don’t want to overwhelm the delicate noses of those we are using it for.   Even when you can barely smell it, it is still there doing its job.  Applying one or two times a week will be enough for most.  If there is a lot of swimming involved, maybe using a little more frequently would be best.

(Please avoid the face upon application.)

Here’s a peek:

Neem has been used for hundreds of years to control plant insects (and diseases!).  It is a natural antioxidant with disease-fighting properties. It is also known for improving dry fur and nourishing the skin and its antifungal properties make it great for naturally fighting off dandruff, which can be caused by a yeast-like fungus

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a natural form of pest control that is great to use because it's another natural and chemical-free option to treat your dog or cat for pests.  DE works in two ways: both injuring the pest and drawing out fluid to dry and kill the insect (death of the pest does not happen on contact, but rather over a short period of time).

Yarrow is a wonderful anti-inflammatory for skin conditions and soothes irritated skin. It is also anti-microbial and has pain relieving properties. Because pets with fleas tend to get secondary infections from flea bites, yarrow protects your pet from those secondary infections and also helps soothe red, irritated skin. Yarrow is an herb known to work wonders for pest control. In fact, The United States Army did a study and found Yarrow stronger than DEET when it comes to mosquito and tick repellents.

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